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Atlas Of Wood, Bark And Pith Anatomy Of Eastern Mediterranean Trees And Shrubs

RRP $316.99

This atlas presents anatomical descriptions of the xylem, bark and pith of 264 species belonging to 71 families. It highlights the anatomical diversity of trees, shrubs, dwarf shrubs, woody lianas and several of the prominent perennial herbs from the Eastern Mediterranean region, with a focus on the island of Cyprus. The island's topography and biogeographic history combine to provide a wide range of habitats and diverse flora including widespread, endemic, and ornamental species.

The monograph for each species includes a description of the anatomical structures of the stem and twig xylem and the twig's bark and pith, as well as color micrographs of double-stained sections of each of these plant parts. These entries are accompanied by a photograph and a brief description of the plant including stem wood density, height, habit, flower, leaf and fruit characteristics, and a map showing its geographic and altitudinal distribution in the region. Xylem descriptions follow the IAWA lists of microscopic features for hardwood and softwood identification. For bark and pith descriptions, a new coding system developed by the authors is applied. Lastly, the work offers a key for wood identification that was developed to differentiate between groups of species by using a small number of features that are unambiguous and clearly visible. The atlas will be a valuable guide for botanists, ecologists, foresters, archeologists, horticulturists and paleobotanists.

Trees, Shrubs, And Woody Vines Of The Southwest

RRP $362.99

Originally published in 1960, twenty-five years of labor went into Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of the Southwest, by the late Robert A. Vines, which describes and illustrates more than 1,200 species of native and naturalized woody plants of the southwestern United States. The book covers Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. The author traveled more than 250,000 miles by car, on foot, and horseback. The species described are grouped into 102 chapters, each chapter representing a different plant family. Accompanying the text are more than 1,200 black-and-white drawings by Sarah Kahlden Arendale. Vines was director of the Houston Museum of Natural History, science supervisor for the Spring Branch Independent School District in Houston, and Director of the Houston Arboretum and Botanical Gardens and of the Robert A. Vines Environmental Science Center. A native of Lafayette, Louisiana, he received his BS degree from the University of Houston and did graduate work at the Universities of Texas, Georgia, and Indiana and Louisiana State University. He received the Johnny Appleseed Award-the nation's highest horticulture award-from the Men's Garden Clubs of America. Sarah Kahlden Arendale, a Houston resident, was a graduate of Sam Houston High School and also studied at the Museum of the Fine Arts of Houston.

Hardy Shrubs

RRP $10.50

A simple handbook of practical information from landscape architect Frank Albert Waugh (1869-1943).


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