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Seeds Of The Kingdom

RRP $17.99

Go beyond your five physical senses and experience the reality that lies within the spiritual with Dr. Keith N. Cleland's new bookSeeds of the Kingdom: A Spiritual Odyssey.

In a modern-day pilgrim's progress, Dr. Cleland takes readers on a journey through the spiritual events that have changed his life. All of his experiences leading up to this point, including the building of a steel mill in China in order to fund a Christian university, have led to his harmonization between this world and the spiritual world.

Readers will be reminded that they are truly in God's hands and that it is His job to do the work and ours to trust Him-keeping in mind that even that sense of trust must necessarily flow from Him.

All of these lessons have come from Dr. Cleland's own adventures, from helping found the International Christian Chambers of Commerce to witnessing struggling businesses become profitable.

For those seeking a way out of despair or sickness, for those who have found themselves disillusioned with not only their church, but also their overall experience as Christians,Seeds of the Kingdom: A Spiritual Odyssey offers new hope toward finding His guidance once again.

The Four Leaf Clover Kit [with Seeds & A Pot]

RRP $12.99

For anyone who has ever searched the grass for that elusive predictor of good luck, here's something that eliminates all guesswork. The happy-go-lucky kit comes complete with a 32-page book filled with facts and trivia, plus seeds for growing your four-leaf clover. The box doubles as a planter

Flowers, Weeds And Seeds

RRP $18.99

A labour of fun! Sketches of flowers, weeds and seeds to color some brightness in to your life. These sketches, from photos of flowers taken on my walks here in Northern California, make an excellent excuse to take some time for your self to color. Enjoy!


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