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Fossil Plants 4 Volume Set

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A. C. Seward (1863-1941) was an eminent English geologist and botanist who pioneered the study of palaeobotany. After graduating from St John's College, Cambridge, in 1886 Seward was appointed a University Lecturer in Botany in 1890. In 1898 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, and was appointed Professor of Botany in 1906. These volumes, published to great acclaim between 1898 and 1919, provide a detailed discussion and study of an emerging science. In the early nineteenth century, research and critical literature concerning palaeobotany was scattered across disciplines. In these volumes Seward synthesised and revised this research and also included a substantial amount of new material. Furnished with concise descriptions of fossil plants, detailed figures and extensive bibliographies these volumes became the standard reference for palaeobotany well into the twentieth century.

Service Characteristics Of Biomedical Materials And Implants

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A wide variety of materials is being used in biomedical engineering for various functions. This includes a range of ceramics, polymers and metallic materials for implants and medical devices. A major question is how these materials will perform inside the body, which is very sensitive to alien materials. The material must not only survive to perform its intended function but also not initiate any damage to the surrounding tissue or induce a wider health problem. The service characteristics of implanted materials are of vital concern to health treatments that alleviate ageing.This book collates information and provides a concise text on the performance of different materials used in devices and implants. The knowledge presented is critical for a biomedical engineer, especially for the purpose of selecting the right materials. In addition, topics such as allergies and infection, tissue scaffolds, and drug delivery are reviewed.

Fundamental, Ecological And Agricultural Aspects Of Nitrogen Metabolism In Higher Plants

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Rinie Hofstra has been a member of the Department of Plant Physiology, University of Groningen, the Netherlands, for 24 years. The nearer we came to 31 March 1985, her 65th birthday, the more we all realized how we would miss her - not only scientifically, but also socially. She left her mark on both research and teaching, always with an open mind and willing to change. After her PhD Thesis on 'Nitrogen Metabolism in Tomato Plants' she first continued working in that field, but soon started a joint project with the Department of Plant Ecology on hemiparasites. She then became involved in carbon metabolism, which resulted in her giving a Biotrop Course on C /C metabolism in 3 4 Indonesia. Her own research group, originally working on 'Nitrogen Metabolism', soon embraced 'Energy and Nitrogen Metabolism', as the research on respiration became more and more important. In running her group she showed all sides of her person. She used to stimulate and encourage everyone around her and to integrate the various lines of research. At the same time she always had an open mind for the opinion of all members of her group. And together they regularly criticized and evaluated the various projects and decided how to continue.


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