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Planting For The Gospel

RRP $17.99

To some planting a church seems an impossible dream; others have entirely unrealistic ideals of how easily it can be done. This helpful guide recognises that no church starts out the same and there are several different models that can be followed. Coming from an author with real experience and including real-world case studies from a wide range of settings, this is a tremendously practical and helpful introduction that will lay the foundations for a group of Christian people, a church, to be committed to one another; praying, learning and growing together; seeking to be healthy, flourishing and biblically grounded.

Tea Planting In The Outer Himalaya

RRP $14.99

Tea Planting in the Outer Himalaya, written in 1861, is a discussion of tea plantations in India and the prospect for further development of agriculture in India.

Planting With Perennials

RRP $11.99

This title helps you how to create a beautiful garden with versatile perennials, shown in more than 100 photographs. It includes inspirational ideas for using these highly popular plants in a variety of garden styles, such as formal, informal, cottage, wildflower and contemporary. It features perennials that provide both hot and cool visual interest, as well as plants for different locations around the garden, from herbaceous borders to containers. It includes practical advice on growing from seed, taking cuttings, watering, feeding, weeding, deadheading and staking, as well as useful reference charts providing plant descriptions and a guide to perennials' common names. It is difficult to imagine a garden without perennials, with the diverse colorations and scents of their flowers, as well as the wonderful shapes and textures of their foliage. This handy guide describes ways to use perennials effectively within different garden styles, and is brimming with suggestions for using them to their best advantage in bold or subtle schemes. It covers a wide range of common garden plants, such as aquilegia, clematis, lilies and verbena, and also contains advice on how to plant for year-round displays, with tips for sowing, planting and maintenance. It is an invaluable guide for gardeners interested in creating permanent planting combinations.


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