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Transplanting Commercial Law Reform

RRP $34.99

The first sustained analysis examining legal transplantation into East Asia, this volume examines the prospects for transplanting a 'rule of law' that will attract and sustain international trade and investment in this economically dynamic region. The book develops both a general model that explains how legal transplantation shapes legal development in the region, whilst developing theoretical insights into the political, economic and legal discourses guiding commercial law reforms in Vietnam. For the first time, this book develops a research methodology specifically designed to investigate law reform in developing East Asia. In so doing, it challenges the relevance of conventional convergence and divergence explanations for legal transplantation that have been developed in European and North American contexts. As the first finely-grained analysis of legal development in Vietnam, the book will be invaluable to academics and researchers working in this area. It will also be of interest to those involved in commercial legal theory.

Planting The Seeds Of Love

RRP $16.99

Torn between two men, Sally must follow her heart and decide if love will lead her to the city or the countryside. Twenty-Two year old Sally Rayton returns to the family farm she deserted four years ago to bury her grandfather. Her plan: to settle her grandfather's estate and return to her life in the city with her boyfriend, Trevor Mattson. Her childhood friend, Jack Smith, has other ideas. Jack convinces Sally to transform the farm into a brewery and fulfill her grandfather's dream while keeping the Rayton Farm in the family. Sally works side-by-side with Jack while Trevor is hundreds of miles away in the city. The more time she spends with Jack, the stronger her feelings are for him. When Trevor shows up to propose to Sally right before Christmas and finds her in Jack's embrace, she must make the biggest choice of her life: true love.

Hedy And Howie Planting A Garden

RRP $17.99

Hedy and Howie enjoy planting, watering, and watching their vegetables grow.


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