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A Delectable Garlic Cookbook For Health Nuts!

RRP $18.99

There are some great reasons to get started with garlic cooking right now. Almost every major civilization has used garlic for its health properties. While ancient medicine sometimes gets things wrong (blood-letting), they also sometimes got things right, and garlic is a good example There have been many documentations of its health benefits, such as a study in the United Kingdom where garlic was consumed by a test group for 12 weeks, and common colds were prevented by 61% among the garlic eaters compared to a placebo group . No wonder the ancients had figured that there's something going on. Repeated garlic use has numerous health effects from reducing inflammation, reducing the risk of serious diseases including cancer, and of course radically reducing the chances of common sicknesses like colds and flus. This book represents the best garlic recipes I can find, designed to optimize your health with the nutrients we need. It is available right now on Kindle or paperback editions. Remember, you don't need a Kindle to read it. Instead, when you purchase it as a digital download, you can read it from your browser anywhere.

String Theory In A Nutshell

RRP $137.95

This book is the essential new introduction to modern string theory, by one of the world's authorities on the subject. Concise, clearly presented, and up-to-date, "String Theory in a Nutshell" brings together the best understood and most important aspects of a theory that has been evolving since the early 1980s. A core model of physics that substitutes one-dimensional extended "strings" for zero-dimensional point-like particles (as in quantum field theory), string theory has been the leading candidate for a theory that would successfully unify all fundamental forces of nature, including gravity.

Starting with the basic definitions of the theory, Elias Kiritsis guides readers through classic and modern topics. In particular, he treats perturbative string theory and its Conformal Field Theory (CFT) tools in detail while also developing nonperturbative aspects and exploring the unity of string interactions. He presents recent topics including black holes, their microscopic entropy, and the AdS/CFT correspondence. He also describes matrix model tools for string theory. In all, the book contains nearly five hundred exercises for the graduate-level student, and works as a self-contained and detailed guide to the literature.

"String Theory in a Nutshell" is the staple one-volume reference on the subject not only for students and researchers of theoretical high-energy physics, but also for mathematicians and physicists specializing in theoretical cosmology and QCD.

The Bible In A Nutshell

RRP $13.99

If you've ever read the whole Bible, you are well aware of just how big this book is. With an estimated word count of well over 700,000 words, the book is not an undertaking for the casual reader. The book can be a very tedious and boring read. This turns many people off from wanting to commit any time to understanding the foundational doctrine of Christianity. However, as atheists we really need to have at least a basic understanding of the Bible if we are going to make a judgment call about the religion. No matter which sect of Christianity someone subscribes to, the Bible is the foundation of Christian belief. This book is a mere 7,000 words to tell a slimmed down version of the basic story of the Bible. This book focused on the narrative rather than any underlying allegory or metaphor inherent in the narrative. The author attempts to challenge the notion of biblical literalism by showing that the story in its most basic form is simply too fantastic for any rational person to believe.


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